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Week 10 in 3's

Good afternoon families,

We had another fun week at school! PIctures are attached and another separate email with MORE pictures!! Just a note- as weather gets cooler, could you please send in a pair of pants and long sleeve shirt to add to their extra clothes bags? If you have already sent in cool-weather extra clothes, please disregard. We also wanted to THANK YOU for reading our emails and sending things in when we ask. We truly appreciate such responsive parents/caregivers and are so happy that we have such a WONDERFUL team of families this year! This year is difficult, and your support means the world to us! We are very thankful for you!

This week at CIRCLE TIME we read Goodnight Tractor, by Michelle Robinson. We also brought our class monster back. The children LOVED feeding him pumpkins and last week they decided that he would like to eat farm animals too! We changed “Pumpkin Monster” to “Farm Monster” and the children had to match their animal to the one I held up before feeding it to the monster.

Here is what’s NEW in centers this week:

Art: Children used paint brushes to paint their own tractor. Then they used glue bottles to glue on the wheels and collage materials.

Discovery Bins: Students played with a puzzle matching baby and adult farm animals.

Yellow Bins: The boys and girls practiced shape-matching with magnetic pattern blocks to build farm animals. I did more assessment this week with this activity. Children either pointed to or verbally labeled rectangle, square, circle and triangle. They are doing a great job!

Block Bins: The kiddos are still enjoying the duplo blocks, barn, animals and tractors. We also added community helper vehicles and some princess dolls to this center.

Pretend Center: WORKSHOP! We have LOTS of future woodworkers in our class. The children have been practicing turn-taking and using their words to solve problems in this center. Mrs. Renoni and I continue to model appropriate turn-taking language and the boys and girls are really getting the hang of it! We hear lots of, “Can I have a turn?” and “I’m playing with that.” SO proud of them!

It was too rainy to play outside this week, but we had lots of fun with our indoor obstacle course! The children climbed through a tunnel, walked on a balance beam, played hopscotch and used balance boards. They had a blast!

Have a fabulous weekend! Can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

Your teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni

Weekly Photos!
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