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Week 11 in the 3's

Good morning families,

Time for our weekly update!

Because of COVID restrictions, we unfortunately cannot have parents come into the classroom to volunteer. Mrs. Renoni and I want you to know and understand what we do during our day, so we decided to focus on one activity/center per week and explain just what we are working on. This week I will focus on CIRCLE TIME.

Every morning at CIRCLE TIME, we work on several skills. These include:

· Singing and patting along to the beat during our Hello Song.

· Name recognition: The boys are girls are still working on learning the names of their peers. We say their names several times during our song to help with this skill.

· Positional Language: We talk about WHERE each child puts his/her name up on the easel. We use words like top, bottom, middle, next to, under and above.

· Counting: After every student has put their name up, we count them to see how many friends are in school. Ask your child how many friends were at school today!

· Listening to a read-aloud story.

· Following directions during music and movement: Some of our friends love to dance along with the songs and some children prefer to sit and watch.

· We frequently play interactive games at the easel as well. Some concepts we work on are colors, shapes, counting, rhyming, repeating text and self-confidence!

This week, we read Down on the Farm, by Merrily Kutner. We also had lots of fun with music and movement. We played with rhythm sticks and egg shakers and tried a couple of new songs. We have some great dancers in our class!

Our November centers are wrapping up, this is what we played with this week:

Art: Children used sponges to paint a paper plate turkey. Some of the children also made turkey hats.

Discovery Bins: We added Movement Dice to this center. The boys and girls rolled the dice and then acted out the movements, such as hopping, turning, flapping arms, etc.

Yellow Bins: The students tried a floor puzzle this week! They really enjoyed trying to figure out where each piece belonged. It had a lot of pieces, but we worked together to get the job done!

Red Bins: Last week for the barn, farm animals and tractors. These were a big hit!

Block Bins: Cardboard bricks were added to the block area. The children had fun building towers, walls and setting up dominos to knock down.

Pretend Center: We are still hammering away at our workshop!

We cannot believe our next day of school will be Thursday, December 3rd. Time is flying by! We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are truly grateful that you share your child with us each week.

Your teachers,

Brenda Daday & Christina Renoni

P.S. Some photos of your children’s smiling faces at snack are attached!


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