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Week 2 in Enrichment

Hi everyone!

We had a wonderful first full week in Enrichment! I hope you've been filled in on all the details about their days in school, but just in case this is what we've been doing. And, as promised, I've included some pictures of our time together so far.

This week we read I Like Me! By Nancy Carlson. This lead to many discussions about what the students like about themselves, and what makes them happy!

We also celebrated International Dot Day! The Dot By Peter H Reynolds is a book about Vashti, who doesn't think she can make art. Her teacher asked her to start small and put something on the paper. Vashti "jabbed" her marker onto the paper. After examining it, the teacher asked her to sign it, and hung it on her wall. From there Vashti made lots of art, all around the concept of the dot. In the end, a little boy approaches her and says he wishes he could make art like her. She told him to start with something small... and then asked him to sign it.

Some of us made our own "dot" art, to see where a dot could take us!

This week in centers we played in/with...

· Pretend Center: Apple picking and making apple pies

· Sensory Bins: Shape erasers/Letter Beads with tweezers and cups

· Green Bins: Colorful blocks and people

· Yellow Bins: The children sorted pictures of feet, noses, eyes, hair, hands, ears, and mouths into their categories and attached the pictures with velcro to a corresponding sheet.

· Red Bins: Puzzles

· Blue Bins: Unifix cubes were used to measure how long or short pictures of different parts of the body are. The shoulders were the longest with 10 cubes, and the eye was the shortest with 1 cube.

· Art: What I like about me! drawings, Dot Day creations, and I Like Me! coloring

Playdough: Green playdough with scissors, rolling pins, red, green, and yellow gems to hide and seek in the dough, cinnamon sticks and black beans for an apple stem and seeds.

Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

~Christina Renoni


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