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Week 3 in Pre-K 2

Hello Pre K Families,

This week we started our letter of the week curriculum. The letter was “L”.

At morning circle we discussed the sound L makes, and many words that begin with the Letter L. We also learned the sign for L ( sign language). We also started doing yoga before lunch, they children are loving it. They all held a plank today for 10 seconds!!

Show and Tell Tuesday was a success and I was happy to see some creative items coming in to school! Optional homework was sent home to offer a little extra writing and coloring practice. ***There is a sentence at the bottom of the homework for your child to complete, it is open ended and we all enjoy reading the creative thinking!!

Next week letter is “F”. Show and Tell on Tuesday for letter F

This is what is going on in our centers!

Dramatic Play Center- The children are still enjoying the kitchen and the home” theme in this center. The dramatic play area changes monthly.

Art Easel- This week we used Legos to paint with. Creative painting on the first 2 days and then the children made fall tress using the Legos dipped in paint.

Arts & Craft Center- L is for Lion at the art table. The children had the opportunity to create a lion- L at the art table. Also this week at the art we made a leaf with lady bugs, a line and loop lion and a mosaic lizard

Discovery Table- This week at the discovery table the children did apple tasting. They could sample red, yellow and green apples. We tallied the results and made a graph. Red apples seemed to be the favorite. The children were asked to use words to describe their experience. ( “ crunchy, tasty, juicy, candy, sweet, sour, and yummy) were some of the words used. We also had coloring pages and a chart to show the parts of an apple.

Sensory Table- There are water beads at the sensory table. Sensory table is changed on a monthly basis.

This weeks Reading Street book wasFollow the Leader! by Emma Chichester

Clark. Follow the Leader! is a game started by a boy and his dog. They are joined by animals throughout the story, including a huge tiger that wants to join the game. The boys comes up with a plan for each animal to quietly leave without angering the tiger. The story ends where it begins, with the boy and his dog back at home, happy that the game is over.

We discussed the job of the author and the illustrator.

Reading Street Song-“ Let’s Play Follow the Leader”

Letter of the week song- “ Lazy Lefty Lion”

Have a wonderful weekend! J


Robin Pascal


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