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Week 4 in Enrichment

Good evening, all!

You may have noticed that your students are coming home tired, particularly on Wednesday afternoons. Longer school days than previous years, different routines than they've had in the past few months, the heat (both the climate and the additional heat from wearing their masks), playing, and learning could all be contributing factors to this situation. Regular bedtimes, especially on school nights, could really help their learning in school, and behavior at home.

Our book this week was If You're Happy and you Know It Adapted by Jane Cabrera. It starts with the words that we all know and love, but told with jungle animals and adding their own ways to show they're happy. We talked about how each animal shows that they're happy differently, but it all means the same thing, just like us. We show we're happy, sad, angry, tired in different ways, but that the feelings are the same.

This week in centers we played in/with...

· Pretend Center: Apple picking and making apple pies

· Sensory Bins: Shape erasers/Letter Beads with tweezers and cups hidden in paper shred

· Green Bins: Colorful blocks and people

· Yellow Bins: Magnetic balls and connectors

· Red Bins: Puzzles

· Blue Bins: Emoji feelings matching

Art: Apple-moji creations, apple dot marker art

· Playdough: Green playdough with scissors, rolling pins, and apple playdough mats for shape experimenting

Next week, they'll come in to a new month, with lots of new things in the classroom, and I can't wait to share them with these great kids! This includes a new color playdough that the students voted on!

Please reach out with any questions you may have.

Have a great weekend!

~Christina Renoni


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