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Week 7 in Pre-K 2

Hello Pre K Families,

We had a great week in Pre-K!

The letter of the week was letter H and we had a wonderful show and tell! You may have heard that I have started doing assessments, I really enjoy the one on one time with the children! I have to say I am missing getting to know you parents! I always looked forward to drop off, in the morning, to have a little moment to catch up and exchange information. Please feel free to check in with me if need be. I am available after school for a phone chat, or by email. Thank you to the parents that have already reached out! We all share a common interest… your child’s social and emotional growth!! We will be having parent- teacher conferences soon… details to follow!

Next letter is T

Show and tell on Tuesday for letter T.

This is what is going on in our centers!

Dramatic Play- The children are still loving their Apple and Pumpkin stand.

Art Easel- This week the children made pumpkins using a water bottle to stamp a circle and add a stem and leaf, onto black paper. Later in the week, they painted leaves, and used dot markers to create their own pumpkins.

Math Center- This week at the math center, there were pumpkins to count and a Balance the Beans game. They loved this game, it was definitely a challenge!!

Discovery Table- The discovery table this week was all about sinking vs. floating. At the beginning of the week the children were asked to test different objects to see if the objects would float or sink. They had to make a guess before they did the test. Will a pumpkin sink or float??? There was a worksheet to make their predictions and then add the results.

Art Table- The children could make a H-Horse, cut and paste house.

This weeks Reading Street book was… Sweet Dreams: How Animals Sleep. By Kimiko Kajikawa. Our reading selection this week was all about animals and where they sleep. We learned about animals that sleep in trees, animals that sleep with their eyes open, and animals that sleep standing up. Vocabulary words were- rest, doze, float, hang , koalas, and sloths.

Reading Street Song was- “Where are you sleeping?”

H- Song was , Way up High Here on this Hill.

Have a great weekend!


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