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Wrapping up February in Enrichment

Hi everyone!

I have a few housekeeping things to take care of first, so bear with me.

Please label your child's water bottles. If they are brought into the classroom with their snack bags, they're put on top of the mailboxes after snack (so they're not on their sides inside the mailboxes) and I want to be sure they all go back to the correct owners for lunch time. We do have some doubles, and I wouldn't want them to get mixed up.

Next Tuesday we start Art with Ms. Brenna. Please don't send your child in with clothes on that you (or they) wouldn't be upset about getting paint on or get dirty. We're in preschool, and a favorite quote of mine is " Take Chances, make mistakes, get messy!'~ Ms. Frizzle! I'm pretty sure Ms. Brenna lives by the same mantra. Lol!

I've started some evaluations with our little learners, to get ready for report cards. You may hear about this from them in the upcoming weeks. This also means that sign ups for parent/teacher conferences will be coming out soon. Keep an eye out!

You should have received a flier home about March Madness at Jack and Jill! Themed days to keep the month moving and fun! Our first themed day is Crazy Hair Day on Wednesday, the 3rd. You'll notice Wednesday, the 31st is Class Color Day! Enrichment's color is BLUE! Let's get decked out!

We have a new class pet (sort of) that'll be coming home with each student for the next 9 weeks. Flat Mrs. Renoni is excited to join your family for a weekend! Each Wednesday a child will be chosen at random to bring her home, with her journal that has pages for you to include a picture or two (either photos or drawn) and a few sentences about your adventures together. She's not expected to be treated to any special adventures, just to become part of the family for a few days. Then please send her back to school on Monday, where we'll share her fun times with the rest of the class. Of course, I will clean and sanitize things before they go back out to another home.

I promised to send pictures of our classes Friendship Flowers when they were finished, so here they are. The first picture is with the pedals that they colored to represent their friends, and the second picture is with the pedals their friends colored for them.

I'm so proud of the hard work the kids put into these!

Our books for this week were A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein, and Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees.The first is a wonderful book with lots of silly rhymes. The second is about Gerald the Giraffe who's made fun of by the other animals in the jungle because he's clumsy. Gerald goes into the jungle, hears his own beautiful song, and turns out to be great!

This week in Enrichment we focused on the letter "G". The kids came up with quite a list! Keep in mind how tricky G can be, with two different sounds AND one of them sounds just like the letter J. Tricky, but they did great! To go with this we had another "Taste Test". This time we tested Granola bars! The children tasted Made Good Mixed Berry, and Made Good Cookies and Cream bars.

Cookies and cream got the most "favorite" votes, but only by one! And we had one friend who didn't like either.

The centers this week that were new were...

Yellow Bins- Geo Boards. The children stretched different sized elastics over pegs on the boards to make letters, numbers, and shapes.

Blue Bins- Dot marker G find

Art- G Gumball machines

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!


Christina Renoni


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