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Wrapping up February in Pre-K 1

Hi Everyone,

It was great to be back in the classroom! On Monday, we celebrated Valentine's Day. The children each showed off their mailbox. Then they sat in a circle and each child took a turn delivering their cards to their friends. We also had our dance in our classroom. We danced (Cha Cha Slide was a favorite!), played musical chairs and did the limbo. For a treat after lunch, the children each got a sugar cookie along with frosting and sprinkles to decorate it.

Our Reading Street Book this week was Somebody Stole My Smile by Carmen Tafolla. Ask our child what our story was about.

We talked a lot about change this week. Our vocabulary words were new, changes, mirror, old, growing and supper. Our Reading Street Song was I Lost A Baby Tooth.

We also read Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too? by Eric Carle, Am I Big or Little? by Margaret Park Bridges, and How Many Teeth by Paul Showers (because there were lots of questions about teeth and loosing teeth) after hearing our Reading Street Book :)

Our Letter of the Week was K. Our Letter Sound Song was Brick by Brick.

Art Easel: This Is Me....mirrors were available and worksheets for the children to draw themselves. Some friends even drew other members of their families.

Project Table: Kangaroo Kraft....pieces to make a kangaroo. The faces the children made on their kangaroos were AMAZING!

K is for King.....pieces to make a crown.

Math Table: Pattern Blocks & Boards....matching, color recognition and geometric shapes were matched on the boards to create a picture. Some friends created their own pictures without even using the boards.

Discovery Table: We started the week with Recycling and ended with the game Zingo! Everyone really enjoyed playing this.

Writing Table: K Worksheets and I started working with friends on writing their last names.

Listening Center: All Right Already by Jory John.

In the past, each class at Jack and Jill had a classroom stuffed animal that went home with each child for a weekend during the year. Because of COVID we are not able to do that this year. Instead, Mrs. Lay created a Flat Mrs. Kelley! Each Friday a child will bring "me" home for the weekend. There is a binder included and you can write down all that you do with Flat Mrs. Kelley and the adventures you have taken her on. Feel free to take pictures or draw pictures in the journal too. Flat Mrs. Kelley went out today for the first time. Each child will have a turn.

Looking ahead, next week our Letter of the Week will be A.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Kelley


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