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Wrapping Up September in Enrichment!

Good afternoon!

We can't believe it's the end of September already, but the nights are getting longer, the leaves are changing color, and your children are settled into their school routines!

Speaking of routines, please be sure part of your drop off routine includes bringing your child to the bathroom. We're consistently having to take more than half the class to the bathroom within the first half hour of coming in the door. They have small bladders, and sometimes wait longer than they should let us know they have to go. But knowing that we have 4 classrooms worth of kids using the bathrooms during the day it's important that they at least try to go during a time that's set aside for them, even if they just went at home. Of course we'll take them when they say they have to go, but we'd like to cut down on the interruptions to our schedule, if we can. Thanks for understanding.

A HEADS UP: We'll be starting Cooking with Ms. Pascal next Tuesday. I'll be talking with her this weekend about what she has planned for the kids, but it might be a good idea to dress your child in something you don't mind getting dirty (even more so than normal). To the families with dietary restrictions, I'll reach out this weekend if there is something planned that you need to know about. If there is no concern for your child, you won't hear from me.

Our book this week was The Biggest Apple Ever by Steven Kroll. In searching for the biggest apple to win the Biggest Apple Contest friends Clayton and Desmond pick a lot of apples. They wonder what they can do with all the apples they picked (that aren't the biggest). Make a giant apple pie for their whole school to share, of course!

What was NEW in CENTERS?

Art- Apple stamping- the children used real apples to paint apple outlines. These can be found in our "basket" on the bulletin board outside the classroom. The children also tore strips of paper to glue onto paper plates to make their multi-colored apples, which are hanging inside our classroom.

Easel- Dot marker apples

Math- Using trees with apple stickers, the children put apple counters on top of the stickers (or more if they wanted) and counted the number of apples they had in their tree.

Discovery- Magnet builders- lots of imagination was used while the children built shapes. We had a few friends experiment with the repulsion of magnets as well!

We're looking forward to seeing you next week!


Ashlee Taylor and Christina Renoni


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