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Adios April In Enrichment!

Good afternoon everyone!

Here we are at the end of April, enjoying the beautiful weather! Here's hoping you get to enjoy it too!

We had another wonderful time with Mrs. Fyrberg in yoga this week.

Our books this week were Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn and LEAVE ME ALONE! by Vera Brosgol. The first is a great book where Lola learns about planting and taking care of a garden. The second is a funny book about a Grandmother who is surrounded by too many people and can't get her very important knitting done. She packs up and leaves, and gets further and further away, only to find solitude in a black hole in space. She knits in silence, then finds that she has no-one to share her knitting with. Back home she goes with a smile on her face!

What was NEW in centers?

Art- We spent Monday and Tuesday planting seeds to watch our own gardens grow! Our brand new windows (!!!!) give us access to a little space outside where our plants can get sunlight and fresh air! Each of us has made a prediction about when we think we'll see the first sprout, and we're tracking it on a calendar in the classroom!

Easel- Watercolor gardens

Math table- Using tweezers we helped animals that were trapped in baskets covered in yarn. And we used different shaped keys to open treasure chests.

Pretend center- We opened an Enrichment Flower Shop! Putting together arrangements, and helping plants grow is the name of the game this month!

May is a busy and exciting month at Jack and Jill, ending with Graduation on the 31st. Parents of graduates, please keep an eye out for graduation information, and please send in transition form permission slips if you would like us to help your child's Kindergarten teacher get to know your little learner a bit.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Christina Renoni, Ashlee Taylor, and Erica Derbyshire


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