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Feeling Like Spring in Enrichment!

Hi everyone!

We had a great first week back from vacation! Though the temperatures haven't been cooperating, it really is Spring, and we've been enjoying our time outside by learning some new games! Ask your child about Duck, Duck, Goose, and Red light, Green light!

The kids have really enjoyed welcoming Sensei Michael back into our classroom! We're learning some new moves to make our bodies strong, and practicing respect and self control to make our minds strong.

This week we read BIG BOOKS!! For Earth Day we read Kids For The Earth by Melvin Berger, and today we read A Butterfly Is Born by Melvin Berger (he writes a lot of really good non fiction books for this age group). We read the butterfly book because... we welcomed 5 caterpillars into our classroom this week! We get to watch them change and grow until they become butterflies, when we'll release them outside.

Our new centers this week were...

Art- The children made their own Name Garden! They wrote individual letters of their name on individual flowers, then glued them into a flower pot where they wrote their whole name together. Our beautiful garden is decorating a board in our classroom!

Easel- We painted watercolor gardens.

Math- We're strengthening our fine motor skills by rescuing animals from a web. They have to maneuver tweezers or their fingers around a web of yarn to help the animals out.

Pretend center- We now have a Doctor's Office in our classroom, and they've loved pretending to be doctors, nurses AND patients!

Discovery- We used magnifying glasses to observe our new caterpillar friends.

Block area- The children made lots of different Potato Heads today, making up stories about them, and having them play together!

Writing table- Practicing recognizing our letters and numbers with Spring color by number and color by letter sheets.

We continue to use our imaginations playing with blocks, wooden people, flower connectors, puzzles, and library!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Julie Haynes and Christina Renoni


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