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Hey May in Mixed Age!

Hello Mixed Age Families,

The weeks are going so fast and we are now in our last month of school. We have a busy couple of weeks to close out the year so make sure you keep up to date with all of the things going on! The kids have really formed some nice friendships and will continue their friendships next school year. Its been a treat watching them learn and grow this year.

~~~~ For those children that have their birthdays in the summer we will celebrate the last full week of school We have a parent bringing in nut free cake pops from a nut free bakery but we also need napkins and juice boxes. If your child is one of the ones that has a summer birthday and you would like to contribute please reach out to us. Thank you!!

Here is what we did on the classroom this week:

Math Table~ Numbered ice cream cones 1-10

Discovery Table~ On Monday and Tuesday they dis some planting of marigold seeds. They had to scoop the the soil into the pot and then sprinkle the seeds and add one more small scoop of soil. The rest of the week they have been using the magnifying glasses to check out our caterpillars; we will be watching the transformation into butterflies and set them free when they are ready in a few weeks. The kids are all very excited.

Art Table~ This week they have been making handprint birds that are now hanging up in the hallway along with colored circles caterpillars. They were all very creative with their color choices for the birds body and wings. The end of the week they did some watercolor painting frogs and spring sheets. They have been enjoying their practice name sheets and coloring and drawing pictures.

Easel~ Fork painting to make flowers and markers to draw on stem and leaves if they wanted to.

Sensory Table~ Orbeez along with funnels, plastic sea shells and scoops. Thank you to the Marsters family for the orbeez!!!

The play dough is blue this month along with plastic flower building pieces. They have really been enjoying this activity this week.


My Classroom is a Family~

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

If you give a Cat a Cupcake



Silly Bear Hunt

Yoga movement

Listen and Move

Show and Tell this week is bring in your favorite book. Please have your child bring on one book (that fits in their backpacks) into the classroom on Monday morning.

You all have made us feel SO special all week for Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for every thing!

Have a good weekend!


Julie Haynes & Katy Fyrberg


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