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Welcome to October in the 3's!

Good evening everyone!

We LOVED the beautiful weather we've had this week, and took full advantage of our time out on the playground! We hope you all have been able to enjoy it as well!

A bit of housekeeping before I dive into the fun of our time in the classroom... Please take your child to the bathroom or make sure they have a fresh pull-up on before they come into the classroom. Especially being that we go outside first thing, it makes it more of a challenge to bring them back downstairs, and they're missing part of our outside time. Now, we know that things happen! Little bodies have to go when they have to go, and of course we'll take them when they do.

Our (really BIG) book this week was An Apple a Day by Melvin Berger. This non-fiction book taught us about how apples grow, that they can be different colors, and some yummy things we can make from them! It inspired some of our centers this week!

What was new in centers this week?

Sensory- The children made apple and pumpkin pies using stuffed pumpkins, pom poms, and felt pie crusts!

Art- Using construction paper and (what I think is going to be a class favorite) glue, we made our own apples.

Easel- We decorated pumpkin and leaf papers with dot markers.

Math- This table was split this week. Ask your kids about the Apple Taste Test we did on Tuesday! We tried slices of red, green, and yellow apples, and the children voted for their favorite! The results are hanging on the bulletin board in the hallway! We also used fall shapes to complete patterns.

Discovery- Your little scientists made apple volcanoes this week! They scooped baking soda into a cored apple, then squirted vinegar into it! They had a LOT of fun with this!

Pretend- The children ripped tape, used crayons, and their building skills to decorate and create with empty boxes and other recycled materials.

We hope you're hearing all about the fun your kids are having at school! We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!


Christina Renoni and Ashlee Taylor


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