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Wrapping Up September in the 3's!

Hi everyone!

The beginning of the year has been great! The children are becoming much more comfortable in the classroom, with each other, and with us. They are a great group of students and we're looking forward to the rest of the year with them!

Our books this week were City Shapes by Diana Murray, and The Shape Song Swingalong by Stevesongs. Introducing shapes in fun ways is a great way to learn!

As we watch the children grow this year, they get to watch some plants grow too! Some of the children helped Mrs. Taylor fill a pot with dirt, plant some shoots, and water a Silver Inch Plant.

What's NEW in CENTERS?

Art- The children are practicing their gluing skills by gluing pieces of paper onto paper plates to create apples. These are hanging inside our classroom so they can see their handiwork!

Easel- The children used Dot Markers to color in apples.

Math- Using trees with apple stickers on them, they used apple counters to match up and count the number of apples on each tree.

Playdough table- Thursday- Apple Stamping- this is just what it sounds like! The children used apples cut in half to stamp and paint an apple outline. You can find this artwork hanging on the tree outside our classroom. On Friday the playdough table was used for apple volcanoes (which you can do at home too)! Using a cored out apple, a sprinkle of baking soda, a squirt bottle of vinegar, and a few drops of food coloring they loved watching their "volcano" erupt. If you do this at home be sure to put your experiment in a bowl or deep dish to catch the eruption!

Discovery- We used magnetic balls and sticks to create all sorts of fun things. Microphones, weights, and towers are just a few examples of their creations.

This, in addition to the block area, sensory table, and pretend center, made for a busy couple of days!

We hope you have a great (and dry) weekend!


Christina Renoni and Ashlee Taylor


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