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A New School Year in Mixed Age!

Hello Mixed Age Families!!

We had a GREAT first week of school! I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know all of your children, and I have already noticed that they have fantastic manners! Well done at home! Throughout the month of September we will be focusing on building our routines in the classroom, and learning the rules of the school. Drop off has been going very well, and the children are doing a great job coming into the classroom, putting their snack at their spot, and then having a seat on the rug for our morning meeting. During our second meeting of the day we have been learning about the the calendar and days of the week - you might even be hearing our days of the week song at home!

Here’s a recap of what we did in our centers this week, as well as a few reminders as we navigate the start of the school year.

Sensory table: This month we have a dry corn mixture as well as a farm, animals, and scoops. This has been a popular place to be, rearranging and scooping and organizing and sorting all of the different items.

Pretend Center: This month we have babies and housewares for imaginative play. This is such a fun way to start off the school year! The friends have been enjoying cooking and taking care of the babies.

Play dough: This month we have teal colored play dough with letter shape cookie cutters as well as many other tools for rolling and cutting.

Discovery: We had stacking “rocks” of various sizes and shapes here. We had some very tall towers built, and saw the different colors being sorted into groups.

Math: Matching shapes with their silhouette. They mastered this one! Some of the shapes were pretty tricky to identify, but it was great to see the friends comparing and problem solving to find the right item.

Art: Our first bulletin board is up! The friends were very busy and did a great job creating their first project - palm trees with the letters of their name. They are currently hanging in the hallway, see if your child can show you theirs!

Art Easel: Apple dot art pictures with dot markers


Sit Down Stand Up

The Goldfish

Button Factory

Baby Shark

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Tick Tock Yoga Clock


The Kissing Hand

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

There Was and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Cow


- Most of our friends are learning how to eat out of containers/bento boxes for the first time. Please be sure to include a napkin with their lunch and snack to help them clean up after they eat :)

- Your child received a yellow folder on their first day of school. In order to have their mailbox items go home in an orderly fashion (and not crammed into backpacks), please have your child enter the classroom each morning with both their snack/drink AND their yellow folder. The folders will make it easier for them to pack up at the end of our day. 

Thank you! 

Katy Fyrberg and Jill Rounesville


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