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Another Great Week in Mixed Age

Hello Mixed Age Families,

This was another great week, it was so fun having our Snacks with Someone Special on Monday. The kids were very busy this week and it is so hard to believe that we only have 3 more weeks of school. The school year always goes by quickly but this year seemed like it flew by even quicker.

Everyone had fun at the centers this week and I am so thankful we had nice weather to play outside although the keep asking when we are going to do an obstacle course. Here is what we did in our classroom thus week.

Math Table~ Colored Bears and Colored cups

Discovery Table~ Butterfly Life Cycle using pasta and beans. They glued on a white bean for the egg, rotini for the caterpillar, a shell for the chrysalis and a butterfly pasta for the last step. We also got to see the caterpillars getting bigger and some have formed their chrysalis, next week the

y will be put in the tent and we will wait for the transformation to happen.

Art/Writing~ Name caterpillars, they counted the letters in their name and then picked out colored circles for each letter. The glued them together and wrote the letter on each circle, and then glued on a head added eyes and a mouth using markers. They added antenna and some added little feet. There was also a few coloring sheets along with plain paper for free art.

Easel~ Watercolor flower painting

Listening Center~ Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Today for music time we played the song from the Handwriting Without Tears Program called Mat Man. As the song plays we add the pieces to him like 2 big lines for his l

egs, 2 little lines for arms, 3 little curves for a mouth and ears. There is a picture of Mat Man that we built together attached this email. There will be a basket with all the Mat Man pieces at the puzzles and games rug for the next few weeks so they can build their own during choice time.


Grumpy Monkey By Suzanne Lang

My Truck is Stuck By Kevin Lewis

The Very Busy Spider By Eric Carle


Hamster Dance (freeze Dance)

Baby Shark

Wiggle Your Fingers

Animal Action

Our Show and Tell next week is the letter

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


Julie Haynes


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