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Getting Settled in Pre-K 1!

Hello Everyone,

Our first full week in Pre-K went by very quickly! We continue getting back into the school routine. We have been talking about Jack & Jill's School Rules which are We take care of our friends and teachers and we take care of our things.

Everyone did a wonderful job on Tuesday when we lost power. We did some movement to We Are the Dinosaurs and The Ants Go Marching by the light of the flashlight. We also made indoor shadows using the flashlight. Each child took a turn. This was very exciting and they asked me on Wednesday if we could do it again sometime.

We began our Reading Street Curriculum this week. Our first unit is Building Our Homes. Our Reading Street book was The House in the Meadow by Shutta Crum.

"Over in the meadow there's a spring wedding, with the couple's 10 best friends to celebrate. What's next? A house! 9 diggers, 8 masons, 7 carpenters, 6 well diggers, 5 roofers, 4 plumbers, 3 electricians, 2 painters, and 1 inspector show up with all their trucks and tools to build a new house. And when the couple and their friends have a house-warming party, a new baby comes, too!"

Our vocabulary words from our story were build, carpenter, paint, climbed, pipes and roof.

There is a song that goes along with our book each week. This week our song was Build A House...the children really liked this song. We sing and come up with movements to go along with the song.

The other books we read this week were That's What Friends Are For by Julia Hubery and I'm Happy-Sad Today by Lory Britain.

Our Centers this week:

Discovery Table: Sensory Bottles and Kaleidoscopes

Math Table: Color matching pegs and picture boards

Art Easel: Shape Stampers, white paper and markers

Art Table: Decorating a school shoe (from Pete the Cat)...the children used markers, stickers and gems to decorate their shoe. There were hole punchers and some children made laces for their shoe. One friend used the hole puncher to turn the shoe into a necklace. My favorite part of the art projects is seeing what the children create with the materials provided. On Thursday and Friday, there were materials to make a house (craft sticks, colored popsicle sticks, cotton balls, markers). Three children were at the table at once and one was using the cotton as clouds, another as smoke from the chimney and the third was using it as snow which was coming in the house.

Listening Center: Pete The Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Mrs. Kelley


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