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Having So Much Fun in Mixed Age This Week!

Hello Mixed Age Families!!

We made it through our first full week of school! This week we started learning more about our school and classroom rules. Our main school rules are that we take care of ourselves, we take care of our friends, and we take care of our teachers. In our classroom we are learning about how to sit criss cross applesauce on the rug, how to turn our voices off and turn our listening ears up, and how to raise a quiet hand when we have something to say during our circle times. The children are doing a great job as they adjust to the structure and expectations of the day. I’ve been enjoying our snack and lunch time chats! This week we discussed everyone’s favorite flavor of ice cream. Favorites ranged from your classic vanilla, cotton candy, and chocolate, all the way to “the cold kind in a cone.”

Here’s a recap of what we did in our centers this week, as well as a few reminders.

Sensory table: Our farm table continued to be a popular spot this week, with some friends searching for little acrylic pumpkins and separating and sorting them.

Pretend Center: The babies are being well taken care of! The friends have been cooking and cleaning and taking care of the babies all week.

Play dough: We’ve had great fun at the play dough table this week. We made a GIANT SNOWBALL, many snakes, a few slices of pizza, and lots of letter shapes.

Discovery: This week we had math link cubes and rainbow bears at the discovery table. The friends were very busy building bridges for the bears to cross, houses and fences to keep the bears cozy, and even towers for the bears to live in.

Math: This week at the math table we had apples and apple cards numbered 1-10 with seeds. The children counted out the right number of apples to place on the cards.

Art: At the art table we had a lot of fun making marble art! We chose three colors to work with, red, yellow, and green. We put the paint and marble on top of the paper and the friends had a great time shaking the boxes around to make the marbles “dance” on the paper. These creations are hanging in our classroom and are making it feel like fall! We also always have free art opportunities out with different things to cut, glue and color.

Art Easel: We worked our hand muscles at the easel this week holding shapes and stamping them from an ink pad mounted on the easel onto their paper. It was extra tricky without the leverage to press down on the ink pad, but they did a great job with it!

Block Rug: This is the place to be! This week in addition to the wooden blocks, magnatiles, cars, and people, we have TRAINS! The friends have been building tracks having the trains go through tunnels, and really using all of the materials to make some pretty cool structures and creations. Tensions can run high when everyone is excited about the same center, but they’ve been doing a super job using their words and sharing.


Tooty Ta (see pic below!)


The Goldfish

Hot Dog!

Mighty Little Gekko

The Ants Go Marching

Sit Down Stand Up


Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Wiggle, Wiggle, Freeze

We Are the Dinosaurs

The Chicken Dance


The Alphabet Family

Can I Play Too?

Rufus Goes to School

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party


- Please have your child enter the classroom each morning with both their snack/drink AND their yellow folder. The folders make it easier for them to pack up at the end of our day.

- Accidents happen! Please make sure that if wet clothes have come home from school, that you restock your child’s spare clothes above the coat hooks. If you bring in pull ups they can be put directly into the boys/girls room.

Thank you!

Katy Fyrberg


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