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Inching Closer to the End of the School Year in Enrichment!

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry for getting this to you later than normal. I hope you've been enjoying the beautiful weather on this long weekend!

We started our week off with a visit from Mrs. Lehane, who read Berenstain Bears and The Truth by Stan and Jan Berenstain. 

We also said goodbye to our butterflies. Since a swarm of bees wanted to take a turn on our playground on Monday, we let them go in the front of the building where there were some flowers in bloom for them to gather some nectar.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Sensei Michael. He is teaching the kids some more advanced moves, and continues to talk about and practice respect.  

What was NEW in centers this week?

Art- The children used space shapes to decorate their own telescope. We also colored astronaut and moon pictures.

Easel- We connected the dots to make constellations, and finished them off with star stickers.

Math- Match the shape puzzles were here this week. They connected shapes with pictures of real life objects.

Pretend center- Until the end of the year we'll have astronauts in our class! A "rocket"/"space station"/"space grocery store", jumpsuits, walkie talkies, and helmets make for some fun exploration!

Discovery- We played a 5 senses matching game.

We're looking forward to seeing you again on Wednesday, the 29th!


Christina Renoni and Julie Haynes 


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