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November Memories in 4 Day Pre-K!

Hello Families!

I can't believe it's November already! This year is flying by. We had a blast this week in our classroom! On Tuesday was 80's Day and we got to listen to some music from the 80's during recess and lunch and the kids LOVED it! We had a pretty awesome dance party. We also got to have Mrs.T the Music Lady come to our classroom that day as well. The kids all enjoyed having her visit us! We got to spend some time outside this week because the rain luckily held off for our class. Please remember to send in a coat, hat and mittens every day because the weather is getting cooler and we still will be going outdoors.

Dramatic Play this week was switched over to a JUNGLE! We had animals, vines, binoculars, safari hats and a scavenger hunt. The kids really enjoyed going into the jungle! This center will stay the same for the rest of the month.

At the Writing Table we had "Letter C" worksheets and cutting worksheets. We noticed that a majority have had a hard time making the Letter C because it is a different writing style for them compared to all the letters that we have practiced before this one so we will be doing Letter C again next week. We will have another homework sheet that we will send home on Monday. We will NOT do Show & Tell this week!

At the Math Center this week we had different puzzle pieces that they had to put together. So for example one piece had the number 5 and they had to find the other piece that had 5 bees. A lot of the kids that came to this center did a great job!

Play-Doh this week was also new! Mrs.Derbyshire made yellow play-doh and we put out some animal shaped cookie cutters and some new cutting tools.

The Sensory Table was turned into a Hot Chocolate Station! I got to enjoy many cups of hot chocolate. We made this using brown dried beans (coffee), white cotton balls (marshmallows), coffee cups (plastic with straws) and some measuring spoons and whisks. I told a few they definitely should be baristas when they grow up!

The Art Center was super fun this week as well. We made a Friendship Handprint Tree that we will display in the hallway. It's really cute to see all their handprints on this one tree. We also made some tissue paper hearts for Veteran's Day. We talked about Veterans Day a bit and I told them about some people in my life who served in the past.

Discovery Center was a 5 Senses Game this week. There were a bunch of different objects in a box and they had to figure out what sense they would use for that object. We had some things they could smell like a bar of soap and some things they could touch like a pretend prickly porcupine. They did great in this center and it was a huge hit!

Our Book this week was called "Fish Tales" and it was about different animals in the ocean. I showed them a few pictures that I had of swimming with dolphins a few years ago and a few told us about animals they have seen at the aquarium. We also listened to a Letter C song and learned "C" in sign language which we have been doing for all our letters so far.

Thursday November 16th is our next spirit day- Pajama Day! Please make sure they have appropriate footwear as we still will be going outside that day! I hope you all have a great HEALTHY weekend and we will see you on Monday!

-Mrs.Deighan & Mrs.Derbyshire


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