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November Memories in Mixed Age!

Good Afternoon Mixed Ages Families,

These weeks are flying by so quickly and we are already halfway through November. Everyone was so busy this week and today they all enjoyed the new play dough scissors while playing with the play dough table. We also have been enjoying outside but it has been really cold this week, please make sure your child has a hat and mittens each day.

On Tuesday next week we are having our Friendship Feast with all of the other classes. Our food that we are bringing to the feast is individual baggies of apples so we are looking for 9 packages of 6 individual baggies. If you would like to contribute please respond to this email and I will let everyone now when we have all 9. Please bring in on Monday morning. Thank you.

Here is what we did in the classroom this week:

Math Table~ Colored houses and family counters

Discovery Table~ At the beginning of the week we had mini marshmallows, cranberries and toothpicks to build a Turkey trap, there were 6 little paper turkeys to use. They had some fun creations and worked hard to trap the turkeys. The end of the week they had Dado square builders and the turkeys.

Easel~ Dot painting corn on the cob pictures.

Art/Writing Table~ Paper plate turkeys; they painted with sponges using red, yellow or orange paint. When they were dry they colored the turkey body and we cut it out, the last step was to glue on the body of the. turkey to the plate. We had coloring sheets Thanksgiving stickers and plain paper to us at the table as well.

Mrs. T form Tunes for Tots came in today with her guitar. She sang some turkey songs, sang along to the book Driving my Tractor. The kids enjoyed having her with us and did such a great job singing along to the Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle ,Twinkle Little Star and the Thankful song.

Books: Music:

How to Catch a Turkey Goldfish We are the Dinosaur

What is Thanksgiving Freeze Dance Wiggling Dance

The Night before Thanksgiving Chicken Dance Bear Hunt

Snack time:

If your child is bringing something with no ingredient list on it please send a note along with it that says nut free and what it is or send us a picture by email of the ingredients. Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards

Julie Haynes & Katy Fyrberg


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