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Still Having Fun in 4 Day Pre-K!

Hello families!

I can't believe it is almost October! With that being said the weather is getting a little colder so please remember to send your child in with a sweatshirt or coat everyday! Also please make sure to pack 2 snack options for morning snack. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY are going to be our Show & Tell Days! So please have your child bring in an object from home (not valuable because we don't want to be responsible if something happens to it) that relates to our Letter of the Week (F) For example a child could bring in a flower or a picture of a fish. Happy Birthday Maeve (9/23) & Happy Birthday William(9/25)

I am SUPER impressed with how great all the children did this week with the new letter of the week (L) During centers we had many different opportunities for them to practice writing L and trying to identify it in a group of other letters. We also practiced counting apple seeds and being able to identify the right number out of 3 choices.

Wednesday and Thursday we had the children draw "self portraits" and let me tell you... they came out ADORABLE! We gave each child a mirror and said draw what you see. I also took an actual picture of each child and will attach those as well. They will be hanging up on our hallway bulletin board in the next couple days. We will have them draw another "self portrait" at the end of the year to show their progress. In the art center this week we also made bingo dot marker Fall trees that will be hung up in the hallway as well.

Play-Dough is always a huge hit in our classroom. We had a variety of tools, letters and numbers for the kids to explore while playing with the play-dough. At the sensory table we still have kinetic sand because the kids just love it! At the end of the month we will be changing it out to something new for the kids to enjoy.

Dramatic Play is set up to act as a restaurant which has dealt out some yummy food this week! We also have a few baby dolls over there as well. Cars, magnet-tiles, farm animals and wooden people were an option in that center as well. It is awesome to see the imagination these children have!

Block Area is also a favorite to most because of the different creations they can make! We even had some towers made that were as tall as the children!

At the Discovery Table we had cubes for the children to build with and measure different objects. Some of the children even laid on the rug so we could measure them with cubes!

We have been learning some new songs as well such as "What's The Weather" (with sign language). Our Book this week was called "Follow The Leader" and it included a song and dance to go along with it. Next week our book will be called "Night Shift Daddy" and our letter of the week is F.

I will again send home optional homework on Monday dealing with the letter F. All that the paper requires is for your child to write capital F multiple times on the dotted line and color in the picture. There is a funny portion at the bottom that the children can answer if they wish.

Enjoy your weekend and always if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank You!

- Mrs.Deighan and Mrs.Derbyshire


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