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Week 3 in the 3's!

Another fun week at school!

A couple of housekeeping items first:

* This is a reminder that if your child has a runny nose or a cough please keep them home. We know all too well that this is also allergy season, which can make things tricky. But if your child doesn't have a history of allergies and documentation from a doctor, please play it safe. Having been away from large groups for a while has affected our immune systems, which means colds will spread like wildfire. Thank you for your help in keeping everyone as healthy as possible. We also appreciate the donations of disinfectant wipes, antibacterial hand soap and paper towels!

* Next week we'll be talking about families, and how each one is different. Please send in a picture of your family (whatever that means to your child) so that we can use them for a piece of art to display in our classroom! It would be great if you could hand us the picture at either drop-off or pick-up. Our morning is VERY busy, so searching for the pictures in backpacks would be very difficult for the teachers.

This week at CIRCLE TIME we read An Apple A Day by Melvin Berger. It's a non-fiction BIG book about how apples grow, the different kinds of apples, and how they get to us! The real pictures helped the kids relate to the book because these are real things that they can or have seen themselves! We also started talking about the school rules (1. Take care of your friends and teachers 2. Take care of your things) by playing a game where the students were given a picture of kids doing things that could really happen in the classroom. We talked about each of the pictures and they got to put them under a Thumbs UP or Thumbs DOWN picture. Learning rules CAN be fun!

During the month, some of the center materials remain the same so children can have a longer time exploring them. Some center activities change each week to provide new opportunities for play. Here is what’s new in CENTERS!

Math Table: The students worked on their sorting skills by sorting different color farm animals into corresponding colored bowls.

Art: The boys and girls practiced using glue sticks again. They glued bits of red paper onto paper plates to make apples. They had their hands traced to make the leaves. At the easel, students colored apple trees and used red and yellow dot stickers to make apples.

Discovery Table: The children played with different sensory bottles. They had fun shaking the bottles and watching the contents settle to the bottom of the bottle.

The children seem to be having a lot of fun at school and enjoy playing with new friends. They are doing a great job and we are very proud of them! Have a great weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Your teachers,

Brenda Daday

& Christina Renoni


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