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Welcoming 2023 in Pre-K 1!

Hello & Happy New Year to All,

The children were very excited about the new centers for January. Our Pretend Center has changed to a Doctor's Office. There are many babies waiting to for their check-ups. The children are checking their hearts, blood pressure, temperature and some babies are even being wrapped in gauze due to boo-boos. There are many caring doctors in our class.

There is white Playdoh with blue sparkles. Rolling pins, cookie cutters, scissors and many pieces to construct snowmen. Our Reading Street Book this week was Round Is A Mooncake: A Book of Shapes by Roseanne Thong. "A little girl's neighborhood becomes a discovery ground of things round, square and rectangular." The children were very excited to point out objects in our book and name what shape the object was. We also did this within our classroom. This is a fun activity that you could do in your home too.

Our song was "Come With Me". Our vocabulary words were ticket, envelope, mooncake, basket and room.

Our Letter of the Week was S. The children came up with a list of words that began with S today. There were 28 words! The children were so proud when they came up with another word to add to our list. They are doing a great job with letter sounds and identify words around our classroom that begin with our Letter of the Week. This week they pointed out "Saturday and Sunday" from the calendar and "Sweeper and Super Duper Helper" from our job chart.

Our song was Let's Set Sail.

We also read Sam The Snowman by Susan Winget and Mingo the Flamingo by Pete Oswald.

Other activities in our classroom this week were:

Discovery: Sense of Touch...10 different textures to explore and match up with the board.

Math: Shape builders

Project Table: S is for Superhero.....there were superhero masks to decorate. This was a hit. I loved seeing the children wearing their masks after they made them. We also made superheroes out of craft sticks. The children could create their superhero and then search through the foam letters to find letter S to attach.

Sparkly Snowflakes...snowflakes were painted and then sparkles were added.

Art Easel: Watercolors and snowflake worksheets

Looking ahead, Show & Tell on Wednesday will be for Letter J.

Have a nice weekend!


Mrs. Kelley


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